Launch of Schooling & Culture Volume 2, Issue 1: The State We’re In

Education reforms have disfigured relationships and intentions built on care and learning by preferencing the data and competition inherent in neoliberalism. And yet, here we are, refusing to be intimidated by the precarity which typifies our time. Schooling & Culture is a new (and old) journal that disrupts a culture of individualism, competition and surveillance by claiming a new collective position within, and outside of, education, through self-representation and lived experience. It is here to initiate dialogue, start support networks, and share critical praxis in traditional and non-traditional sites of education. Produced on a voluntary basis by and for teachers, educators and other cultural practitioners, Schooling & Culture continues a project that began at the Cockpit Arts workshop in 1978, stemming from Stuart Hall’s Centre for Cultural Studies. We invite you to continue the project and contribute to the next issue at our series of launch events for The State We’re In, the first issue in 3 decades.